Valuable Lessons from a Crazy Week

baby in phone and laptop
  • It’s always bigger in the head. Simply tell yourself that for sustenance sake.
  • Break it down to smaller, less overwhelming chunks. More points always looks good. 
  • Planning helps. 
  • Know that children will make a mess of your plans.
  • Breathe. Start over. Make a new plan.
  • If you really want something done, you’ll figure a way to make it happen.
  • Pause to appreciate the people who make things happen.
  • Take some people with you. It’s more fun when the madness is shared. 
  • The easier way is not always the most fun way. Complications make life exciting. 
  • Enjoy the warmth of an unexpected conversation and friendship.
  • It is surprising how little or much 24 hours is. 
  • It is easier to schedule hospital visits than a trip to the salon. 
  • Always remember, a good help/nanny is way more crucial than a spouse. 
  • A party for one year olds is basically playing mop and referee at the same time. 
  • Believe that it is possible, even when you know your list looks unattainable.
  • Forgive yourself for the shit that you missed. Moms are human too!
  • What’s the worst that can happen is a good way to stay in control.
  • And when you lose your $@#!, you knew it was coming. You even asked for some of it. 
  • People will always surprise you in ways you never can imagine. 
  • You may be tempted to judge some. Skip it. 

To crazy days, changing plans, never ending deadlines, new friendships and incredible women who take us through our mad days and worlds.   


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