On Pink and Purple

children group hug friends

This morning I gave my son a new pair of glasses to wear. The last one was blue, but they had broken within a week.Read More

Turn it Over

It is easy TO GET ATTACHED.To an idea, a thought, a piece of work; After all they have a bit of us,              they areRead More

The Number Game

When exams get done, marks come home. I have a joke about how my son loves his teachers so much that he leaves them a fewRead More

The Bird That Came home

Somethings cannot be explained.  Some occurrences they seem to have a purpose, just no reason.  Like the bird that came home for a day, inRead More

Labels and Tags

First thing first. Labels and tags are perfect for books and things. They catch your eye, get you curious, help you click on a link, open aRead More


I often wonder if the world would be a different place to live in, if people would just open up, reach out and tear downRead More