Divorce Dilemmas

Having written and spoken openly about my really difficult and public divorce, I often receive calls from friends and acquaintances when they are going throughRead More

Grit in my eye

I was good at compartmentalising, at breaking muddled up thoughts and packing them into little tiny square boxes. Boxes that I would shut and putRead More


There are these moments, like this one, where I wish I could melt away, cease to exist or just disappear. And for years I haveRead More

Free yet weighed down

I sold out. I had to choose between justice and freedom. I chose freedom. You would think I would be elated. Absolutely ecstatic. To findRead More

Pronounced guilty

Indian Express News

North East West South, together they make the news, our professor joked. Silly it seems now, but the first time I realised this in oneRead More