Who Will I Be

How does a mother respond to her son’s simple question – What does the future hold for him?

This book is a letter to her son, yet meant for every parent and every child. The book breaks silos and allows your child to dream up a mix of what they can be.

There are no simple answers, no one option, no right path. They could follow their passion or give up anytime, and if one way seems to limit them, they could blend them all.

Catch their imagination, talk about professions & possibilities, boost their confidence

This book will speak straight to the heart of so many kids needing to hear this hope and encouragement!! 

Reviewer on Amazon.com

I loved the way this book simply tells kids to go for what they believe in. Live, love, do. And what brilliant graphics and colors. Loved it!

Mother & Owner, Little Piggy’s 

A wonderful book for kids, parents and absolutely anyone. If you are a parent, read it to your child or encourage them to read this book. I give a five star. And I look forward to reading many more amazing books from the author.

Madhuri Palaji on Goodreads

About The Illustrator:

Based in Kolkata, India, Sumouli Dutta is a doodle and illustration artist. Currently working in an organisation as a visual merchandiser and living her passion for art and illustration daily, designing is her way to finding personal expression.

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