Anjanamma (Novel)

About the Book:

For Anjanamma, a downtrodden village girl who fails to pass her exams by one mark, marriage is the only way forward. She was destined to be lost among many girls thrown into motherhood long before they grew out of their own childhood. Her future seemed hopeless.

But Nathan sees in her a brilliance missed by everyone around her. He has different plans for her – and ignites in her a passion that will change the world.

Set in Kasapuram, a village in Andhra Pradesh, the fiction follows the lives of Anjanamma and Nathan. It is a story of love and passion, desire and loss, robots and humans, and their intertwined destinies. An account of the past and the future, transiting from the ethnicity of a village to modern urban India, Anjanamma is the story of possibilities, kindling aspirations for the rural girl.

About the Author:

Chattanathan.D is an author of various books and articles, including the award-winning fiction MY RIDES with SAHIB.

He is a topper in Journalism, and his writing on his Linkedin handle has over half a million views.

He is Managing Director at Aryadhan Financial Solutions Pvt Ltd. and co-founder at Prior to becoming a co-founder, he was Group Product Head at ICICI Bank Ltd.


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