Car-rying on…

The Cars That Brought Me Here. In college, it was a ticket to freedom. Zero dependence on any one else. I could be where I wantedRead More

Being a Mom

mother and children happy image

The word LOVE – it truly has no meaning till you become a parent. (I know, tomorrow I will turn around and call myself outRead More


Zach, come here.  No! Zach you want nuggets? No. My not-yet-two year old has a way of saying it in the cutest possible way.  WhenRead More

Find you!

man staring into the unknown

Stop, don’t float Dont flow because you mustHold onStand stillMake a choice that sets you apart Yes, we know To stand apart is no easy choiceTo standRead More


My son is fairly clear about what he wants. Fairly aware of himself. If at a restaurant, he will read through the menu, not aRead More

Block by Block

Life is like Jenga. One wrong move and unexpectedly, it’s completely scattered on the floor. The building you so carefully put together, lies in pieces inRead More

A School for You

children in a school setting

My dear friend reached out to me for some advice. She would like to know what she should consider while selecting a school for her child.Read More