Unstoppable growth: Agritech bloom reshaping the future of farming
Agritech startups raised $4.6 billion during the last fiscal. Out of this, farm tech startups raised $1.5 billion across 140 deals, a 185% increase over FY2021. Despite the funding winter around us, agritech continues to move unfazed and justifiably so.

In a world that is grappling with climate variability, intensified vulnerability and resource depletion, technology has offered valuable solutions to improve yield…More>>

The female farmer and her journey from labour to leadership
The history of India’s revolutionary agricultural transformation is often referred to as a story of resurgence and resilience. But an often invisible protagonist of that story is India’s female farmer. Migration of men to the… More>>

Ann Thomas Explains: Why Emotional Intelligence Is Crucial For A Child’s Holistic Growth. Nurturing emotional intelligence with student will help build a society of empathetic innovators. Ann Thomas shares her insights on how EQ plays a vital role on Republic World. More >>

The Skewed Reality of Empowerment: A Discussion by B.T Venkatesh with Lawyers Namrata Keshava, Vanishree Radhakrishna and Ann Thomas

Compatibility of Indian Logistics Infrastructure
Article published in the June 2021 issue of Agriculture Today

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