15 Chameleons (Short Stories)

About the Book:

Life of a struggling actress is hard and she has nothing left to excite her… A Tax Officer has to carry gold ornaments on a night train safely… An acclaimed writer is asked to add masala in his upcoming novel The Aphrodite… Director Sales APAC is making waves in his firm as he aspires to be the next VP… An ambitious girl from a famous B-School is very excited when a big success knocks at her door… 15 stories with identifiable characters and situations, yet with surprising plots, leaving us shocked, deep in thought.

About the Author:

Pranava Tripathi, an IIM gold medallist, works as Head of Software in an MNC. An industry veteran, he is a frequent presenter at industry forums including the famous Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). His literary work reflects his vast experience and the diverse knowledge that has come from living in many different countries and observing the diverse cultures very closely. He is a motivational speaker and frequently addresses on leadership, innovation, and various management topics.

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