Quiet your Expectations

Roll the dice. 
What did you hear first ~ the clank on the board or the voices in your head. 
              I wish it’s 7. 
              What’s the point. 
              I never get good numbers. 
              Why do I get such S@#& numbers.
You compare, argue and curse. 
For those few seconds, the weight of the world has rested upon those numbers. 
In each thought, in each expectation, you set yourself up for disappointment.  


I think managing them is equivalent to tackling life. You get this chapter sorted, the rest simply falls into place. 

Every meeting you are playing out in your head, every event that you are building your expectations for, let them just happen. 
It is important to let life play out. Let the numbers fall… Because then you are poised for a different situation. You are ready for two digits you could use or throw. 
A conversation with your boss, the argument with your spouse, the visit from your parents… 
Tell your brain to slow down. 

Tell yourself to not expect a certain emotion, a certain response, a specific reaction, cos chances are they won’t happen.
And if they do, it’s already a second show.
How much fun can that be?! 

So quiet your expectations. 
Roll the dice, take a walk, have the conversation, challenge a situation, and each time, break a leg without the weight of expectations holding you down!  


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