Fight, We Will!

cover your hair, your facecover your anger, your hurt, your disgustsmile, don’t look up, talk back,better yet, SAY NOTHING. don’t interfere, hold it inremember yourRead More

A Reminder of Life

Today is my husband’s birthday. We are all generally an excited bunch about these days. This year, however, was different. The gift unlike before was not aRead More

Maa Aschen

Reds and yellows are filling up the doorways. Nothing is being left behind – the walls, the passages and the streets. You can feel it in theRead More


I used to be afraid of having a baby. As a child, I had heard of my mom losing her mother at the time of deliveryRead More

Perfectly Imperfect

You know the one thing that seems to overwhelm me when I am online: Lists.Lists of ways and means to make the almost impossible possible.Read More