Run Free

Let them run free. Walk aimlessly. Get messy.  Let them stare into space; Look at nothing in particular. Do something random, jump into puddles Sit onRead More

Lessons in Gratitude and Happiness

My son loves salami and sausages. Yesterday, there was salami for breakfast. No sausages. Today there were sausages. And a boiled egg. There was even ‘Poori‘ which with nutellaRead More

The Side Note

It is easy to keep doing. To fall into the cycle of events. Wake up in the morning, do the things we have been doing, because that’sRead More


It was Sunday morning and I decided to join my boy at his football class — just watch him play & interact with others. AsRead More

The Bird That Came home

Somethings cannot be explained.  Some occurrences they seem to have a purpose, just no reason.  Like the bird that came home for a day, inRead More

The Toothpaste Lesson

V, our facilities manager, was the Man Friday at my workplace — you needed a home to rent, a tenant for your place, something broken down toRead More