40 for40

1. #Kindness is everything.

2. Especially to yourself!

3. You will make #mistakes. You will fail. You will make regrettable decisions. Accept that everyone does. Everyone has. You are no exception.

4. #Regret is a waste of time.

5. Leave home at 18.

6. Do things #alone – eat out, watch a movie, travel – learn to enjoy your company.

7. Cook for yourself.

8. Learn a new #skill every year…Fall in love with learning.

9. Try different things, uncomfortable things – food, places, people, conversations, experiences.

10. Loss is a real part of growing up.

11. Sometimes, growing up means getting lonelier. Grief is not only for and about death – it is about lost friends, lovers, relationships, opportunities, and time gone by.

12. Ask for help. There is no stupid question. There is no shame in needing support.

13. Success is different for everyone; Your definition of success changes with time and age.

14. Acknowledge your privilege.

15. Appreciate your blessings.

16. Every action and inaction is a choice you make.

17. Don’t be afraid to #beginagain – be it a degree, career, life, or home.

18. Don’t put up with anything because you have to. There is NO #haveto

19. Say #no without fear or doubt.

20. Take responsibility for your life and your actions – good and bad.

21. Also, ONLY YOUR life and actions.

22. #Respect is the foundation of any #relationship

23. #Trust is the magic ingredient.

24. Look out for the little things – those become life’s biggest joy or sorrow.

25. Take chances on people.

26. But don’t give them too many. It’s a fine line.

27. Oh, and Never prioritize others over yourself.

28. #invest – Start early!

29. Get a good #healthcover (for anyone dependent on you!) In #difficulttimes, you don’t want to let money make choices for you.

30. Learn how to manage your money. The earlier you understand it the less you are afraid of it.

31. Yes, money isn’t everything. Sometimes time, opportunities, and experiences take priority.

32. But money matters. It reflects how you are valued by the people you work with.

33. Never talk down about yourself.

34. Take a compliment with grace. You deserve it.

35. Do not personalize every opinion.

36. Find and choose your own values. They need not be the same as your family and friends – they are yours and help you make your choices.

37. #life is not a race or a competition.

I was the youngest everywhere as I studied, already in college at 17; married, and a #mom at 26, earlier than everyone I knew.
But at 29, when I was living life as a #singlemother, I watched the world race ahead, emotionally, financially, and in more ways, than I can describe; it was hard. This is my life’s biggest #lesson – we own our journey. We don’t focus on when we reach the top. We breathe. We pause. We stop to notice the worm caught in the web; we slow down to follow butterflies.

We look at others only in #appreciation and to #learn from. We build our lives, our own #experiences and #works towards what brings us #joy

38. You are your biggest ally, just as your doubts are your greatest adversary. Watch the negativity you let in, self-deprecation, insecurities or arrogance, blame, or anything that #disempowers you.

39. It’s good to finish what you start, but not really necessary!

If my heart tugs at an impromptu idea, if I realize that something ain’t worth it, if I feel I am better off doing or being somewhere else, I will take that option now than stick to what I thought was the right and only way. Some detours are really #fulfilling too!

And Finally, Number 40!

Everything can change…All those learnings can be thrown out the window; all those rules can change!

40. Don’t take yourself too seriously!

Kyunki Bade Bade Deshon Mein Aisi Choti Choti Baatein … Hoti Rehti Hai Senorita!

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