Get Up and Step Aside

I am going to spell it out. 

Unless you have debilitating back problem, 

  • Give the pregnant woman a seat.
  •  If you see a mother carrying a newborn, get up. Offer her a chair. Giving birth is one of the most traumatic experiences a body can go through. 
  • Give a parent carrying a child a seat. You have no idea how back breaking it is to carry an infant for long hours. 
  • Offer the elderly your seat. With age, our body doesn’t work as we want it too. Reflexes are weaker and injuries take much longer to heal. 
  • Anyone in front of you who needs the seat more than you, give it up for them. 

In the metro, in a bus, in any public space, and I didn’t ever imagine anyone would have to say this, but especially in a ‘women and child’ hospital. Or in any hospital for that matter, if you are not the sick one, you need to get up for someone who is. 


Everyone needs context:

My son is extremely sensitive to changes in the weather and pollution levels. Within a day, his condition goes from well to worse. In the past two years, with my pregnancy and my son’s health, I have visited the hospital atleast once a month. Just yesterday we finished a 1am run to the emergency for my kid and spent another two hours waiting to meet his doctor. I am also a mother to a nine year old, who has had is fair share of illness and injuries. 

So now you know I have ample experience to speak up. 
Also, this is not a rant about me having to stand for a couple of hours. 

It’s not okay!

What was bothersome was the number of heavily pregnant women and women with newborn babies having to stand. Most seats were taken by men and help accompanying other women who didn’t think it important to get off their screens and their butts and give these women a seat. 

Think of it, these men were husbands and parents themselves. The women with them know of the hardship of pregnancy, birth and sick children. YET, neither did they move, nor did they offer. 

In India, sheer numbers work against us. Expenses aside, the long wait and bureaucracy make anything difficult. 
But WE are the worst. 
YOU AND I, who are a bunch of mannerless, selfish, whiny lot who complain about everything but do nothing within our capacity to make anyone’s life better. 

We expect the world to change and make accommodations for us but when it is our turn to give, “SORRY. Move on, please!” 

Our kids are watching us. 
Show them how it is done. 
Grow up. BE KIND. 
Start with a chair. 
And if your child has a seat, when someone more deserving stands, get them off. 
Stop raising entitled selfish brats who have zero empathy. 
And stop being one yourself. 

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