How Can I Help?

How Can I Help?

What can I do for you today?
Few words that can change the way life around you works.

It takes you from being the outsider, the spectator, to being friend and family. 
It removes you from simply someone who is looking into a situation to someone who has become a part of it. 
Someone who can be trusted and leaned on.

Maybe there is nothing you need to do. But the fact that you thought it, changes the equation. Changes everything. 

Imagine being locked out of your home and calling someone about that situation. Or if your wallet is stolen and you need help. Would you be comfortable with “Dude, I am in a situation. Could I please come over?” How do you gauge if you will be welcome or not? How do you know it’s alright to reach out for help?
It is always awkward…but instead, the voice on the other end said, Oh dear! How can I help? Should I come get you or would you wanna come over?, everything changes, doesn’t it. 
You know you are welcome…You know you have a friend!

I grew up looking at parents always available for others. 
In college, the aunt I lived with was always delivering food to friends and family in the hospital, running errands for someone…these things they become a part of you. 
You learn as you watch these people to automatically ask these questions.

Unfortunately, we are raised differently, our experiences are different and our expectations also vary. I have come to learn over time, thanks to friends and family, that not every one gets it. For some it is difficult to reach out and open up; for some they are unsure if they are overstepping and some just don’t realise that they can be a part of the solution.
My husband for example will hear an entire episode/problem/situation and sorry as he is for you, it will never occur to him to say,”Hey, What can I do for you?” or “Shall I…” or “Would you like me to…?”
Ask him to do something, he will be more than happy to help. 
But you have to spell it out.

The way we tackle issues are different. But we can always choose to be available, offer solutions, take up responsibilities, and ease each other’s burden. 

Ask someone today, How can I help you? 
And mean it. 
The world will already be so much better a place!

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