Why are we so hard on ourselves?
Constantly unhappy about where we are, disappointed in ourselves, pushing for a little more. 

We manage to keep different standards  for the rest of the human race…Thank our spouses, friends, partners if they do one of the many things we ask them to (despite the three reminders); be pleased with our colleagues if they managed to get stuff done even a day after the deadline. We are even grateful to our nannies if they get home on time and sometimes just about get home. 
We are constantly giving people more credit than they deserve but when it comes to us, “Damn girl, how could you not get breakfast ready in time or How did you not see that coming? or What? A typo in your email!” 

Take a Break and Let the World spin on its own Axis.

We will rack up every single thing we missed to do on a list, but the things we tackled, got through they never get a mention. 
We even manage to blame the child’s C on the report card right back at ourselves. Like we ourselves have failed some paper. 
It is incredible how we think the world sits on our shoulders.
Whatever we do we need to ace it all! 
Work, parenting, housekeeping, diets for the four different people in our house, the grocery list the latest trends, the chart paper for kid’s class  the gift for the birthday party, the email that has to go by 5 today, it is all to done – done right – and JUST BY US! 

I am sure we even beat ourselves for failing to not beat ourselves. 

Usually, I’d like to be an encouraging human, wanting to try and spell a wonderful encouraging note on how we balance it all despite everything, remind us of all the wonderful things we do each day. Today, however, with a stuffy nose and a heavy head, all I can think of is saying, “SHUT YOUR BRAIN DOWN, GIRL!” 

This is what it is. 
The world is not going to fall apart if you just shut down. 
Loosen up. Just let things go. 

Go ahead, let the clothes pile till everyone runs out of fresh clothes or your help remembers to remind someone other than you about it. 
Let your child whine about the meal in front of him, and choose whether he’d like to eat it or not. Or if you feel like ordering in every day of this week, you go ahead and do it!
If someone (usually the dad) is worried about the child losing his nuts if keeps crying, let him figure a way to shut them up. 

Whatever that you DON’T want to do right now, whatever is bothering the crap out of you, just let it be. 
You go ahead, take a break.
And while you are at it, watch the world spin on its own axis. 

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