Look Back. Reach Within

My little one often runs forward, keeping his eyes at us. As expected, he ends up banging into something or hurting himself. So looking back is not an activity I recommend.  Neither does the Bible. Lot’s wife is a lesson for all. 

Introspection isn’t a personal strength either. I am scared to wake some sleeping demons from within or unearth some innate flaw that is beyond fixing. 

However, a week into the new year and as we push forward with new decisions, resolutions and excitement, I feel some contemplation is worth our time. In this instance, looking back may help us see how far along we have come. Or actually learn from our lives, instead of living in a vicious cycle of repeated mistakes.

So here is a task for me and for you.

Grab a quiet moment and a paper. 
Answer these questions… Pen your thoughts. 

1. What did you gain this past year? 

2. What did you lose?

3. Can you think of a few changes you made?

4. What about those you tried but didn’t last the year? Would you like to bring them back? Or did you realise it was not worth the effort?

5. A few learnings that are completely worth sharing…the world would be better for everyone if they just tried it. 

6. A tool or an app you included in your life that you really felt the impact of. 

7. What would you differently if you had the chance to do it once more. 

8. A skill, an idea, a way of doing something that you learnt from some one else’s life. something they do that inspired you to do anything differently. 

9.  An experience that was completely new or difficult or unexpected. Something you were unprepared for 

10. The demons you carry forward. The betal to your Vikram?

 11. A strategy that worked. A strategy that bombed miserably. At work, in relationships or your personal life. 

12. A realisation about your self and the people that you love that can help the relationship improve. 

You may be tempted to give up. 
You may feel it’s a bit much. Some emotions may be overpowering. Some memories, things you are trying to let go. 
But give it a chance. If it helps, I dread the exercise more than you. 
I look forward to hear from you.

Let’s learn from each other. 

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