The Search for a Balance

Yet another year goes by. 
The long wait of childhood seems to have long gone. 
Now they swish past us…the years. 
I am reminded of what my father told me a while back. He is 66 years old and he has done a fair bit in his life. Travelled across the world. Started a few institutions, been married 43 years and has 7 grandchildren. He said at one point everything had just begun, life was so interesting and then suddenly it seemed to have slipped through. 
A lifetime had just flown by. 

It is a hard emotion – a deep sense of contentment. Almost impossible to achieve!
It is a questionable feeling too. Because without a sense of contentment there is no happiness, and without happiness there is no point. But would you do more if you feel the world is perfect as it is? Would you push for a better you, a better world around you?
Conflicting right?
So how do we fix it? Get the balance on how content to be, know how much to push forward, how hard to nudge before everything topples over? How do we make our years count?

The last year, I told myself I’d walk more if I got a pram for my child. I got the pram but the walks didn’t happen. 
I told myself if I was home, I’d  have time to do XYZ. I was home but never finished the books I promised myself. 
I told myself once I get a job, my finances would get better. I learnt it didn’t matter. 

I don’t have the answers. 
I am yet to attain the right balance. 
But the answer is somewhere out there…Somewhere

In the conversations we make, in the people we’ll meet, in the life experiences we’ll continue to make. 
In our failures as a parent, in our disappointments in our jobs and our relationships, in our moments of joy with our friends, colleagues and loved ones…
The search never ends…

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