Happy Mother’s Day

To Every Kinda Mother

To the mother that didn’t have a say,
in a decision that pushed them on a road they never chose. 
It has not been easy, a life spent in making good, 
The dreams that were never realised, 
I feel you. I hope you have a chance at joy.
To make true whatever your heart once desired. 
To the mom who had to Choose,
Between a child and their health, 
Between parenting and her sanity, her career, 
or anything else,
I see you.
It was not easy to break away from the norms 
that tangle womanhood and motherhood. 
I know you did good.
To the mothers who are on their own,
and the fathers who are trying to be moms,  
The ones that are playing both good and bad cop, 
I feel your exhaustion, your aching bones, 
The need for silence, just five minutes of quiet,
I send you love and strength and a reminder that 
you are enough!
To the mothers who struggle with parenting, 
with trying to get it right,  
The ones that have been given more than they carry, 
bogged down constantly with a children so different 
from what they had imagined
And the ones who haven’t made it right with their kids, 
I feel your restlessness, 
I wish it would get better.  
To the mothers who have stayed in the hospital 
more days than they can count,
had many a sleepless nights, 
too scared to take a minute away, lest…, 
I feel your anguish. 
I wish you laughter, the warmth of home and hot chocolate, 
& uncomfortable sleep in your bed that only a mom knows. 
To the Mom who lost their Child, 
I know you yearn to wrap them in your hands, 
But your hearts they hold them tight,
No one can understand, neither do you need to explain, 
I see your heaviness, I feel it weigh you down,
Because that is motherhood, 
It weighs you down in ways unexpected.

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