Who Will I Be

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It came yesterday and I couldn’t wait for 3 more days before I shared it with the boy. It had been months of planning and I was not for once sure I’d be able to make it in time.

But it had – My first Book had been published!

Like so many other things, my child had made this possible for me, even without having a clue about it.

Because in being a parent, I push myself, nudge through things in a way I would never have otherwise. From taking life changing decisions to battling mosquitoes and insects, braving through impossible circumstances or cleaning dusty shelves endlessly I find that my kids can motivate me to do anything. ANYTHING!

Writing this book started as a whim – A conversation between him and me, wondering about his future, his questions about my past. He asked again, and again, in different ways, he was curious how we turn out to be who we were.

I didn’t have the answers but as I told my Illustrator in my first email,

“I want him to know the world is limitless.”

So I wrote something for him and set out to create it in the form he loves best – A Book.

One that you can hold and smell, that grows with you, that changes colour with you and sends you reminders of time and people bygone.

The first sketch!

And so what started with a few questions and this first sketch, survived so much self-doubt, so many unknowns and became this.

After all, We can BE and DO anything we choose!

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