Make Some Memories

In the morning as we open our eyes till the time we have managed to put them to bed, our lives revolve around kids. Their meals, their schedules, problems, friends, their conversations and questions… Even as I type, my son decides to take over…

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But then, what if suddenly everything, all of this is taken away from us? What if there are no symbols to delete as I type, no hands to slide away, no conversations to tune out off as I frame my sentence? 

My friend lost her child a year back. I have seen her, watched from a distance, shared in her pain as I read her little notes to her daughter. I have tried over and over again to imagine myself in her shoes and I do not have the strength to. Each time I am moved to tears, afraid to deal with an incomprehensible situation, an unimaginable life. 

But this woman has changed what motherhood means for me.  She has converted her pain into a force that carries a world of people with her.  Through her words, in her action, in her every day, she gives strength to all around her. She tells me how to make every circumstance, every situation meaningful. She shows me how to ensure life is worthwhile, even as meaning is taken away from it.  She helps me remember, count my blessings.  

And this Christmas, I am through her notes reminded to take some time and make some memories… And that’s what I’d like to share with you too.   Take a moment for the ones we love. Because no matter what our relationship status, or our job profiles, what we all have in common is packed lives. The hours are few and the conversations to be had, the things to be done always more. 

mother children

Take some time out.

Make a call.

Talk to your folks.

Sit with your child and read a book.

Play a game with your friends. Your kid’s friends. 

Sip a cup of tea together, or make it wine if that’s what you like.   

Yet another year goes by.  But don’t let it slip before you make some memories.  Sometimes that’s all that’s left to push you forward!

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