A Reminder of Life

Today is my husband’s birthday. 
We are all generally an excited bunch about these days. 
This year, however, was different. The gift unlike before was not a surprise, and we went about setting things up together. The process became bigger than the object itself. 
We shared some moments together getting to know each other a little more, making some more space in our hearts, in our homes, in our lives for each other. 
The kind of days that you appreciate what you have. 

But as I went through the day, I came across this video a friend had posted. 

It completely moved me. 
The family was just like ours…two kids and a husband and wife that were each other’s world. 
And one unexpected morning, death had come knocking and swept the lady off her feet. 

I am not new to that emotion. 
I have been swept off too multiple times before. 
When my first marriage came crashing down. 
When I received the call that my ex-husband was no more. 
I have had to pick up the pieces and move on. 

But this was not the same. Every image in that video, gave me a glimpse of my life right now. 
The happiness I have found in my partner. The joy our kids have brought to us. 
The circle of our life so complete within each other and our families. 

I also stayed at home raising my kids for almost two years, depending on my husband to take care of our finances and needs. But I have also been the bread winner for my home once. I have seen life as a single parent. 

My heart is so full. 
For her and for many women like her today who will have to pick up the pieces of their life and stitch it together. 
For those who will have to make sense of the world to their children, while life itself doesn’t make sense to them. 
For those who will become dad and mom all in one, while they struggle to just be a shade of who they were. 

To you my friends, 
I wish you strength. 
I wish you meaning. 
I wish you purpose and I wish you happiness. 

You will come through. I believe so. 
But for now, take one day at a time. 
One breath after another. 

P.S: To donate, https://www.gofundme.com/the-loss-of-beloved-dennis-ostern?fbclid=IwAR1YNM9NWoI3QHIlRyvNbiBSi1s1O7I28UFiGsBrh3cf-qDdGQ7WChloKWQ

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