Perfectly Imperfect

You know the one thing that seems to overwhelm me when I am online: Lists.
Lists of ways and means to make the almost impossible possible.

1 step to change your life forever.
2 steps to a happier you.
3 steps to calm your baby.
4 steps to become the dream parent.
5 steps to a thinner you.
6 steps to love your husband better.
7 steps to a better career.
8 steps for better sex.
9 steps to keep your partner from cheating.
10 steps to own heaven…

Oh and the 6 types of shoes every woman must have, the 10 ties every CEO needs to become a CEO, the 15 belts to become a diva…And wait, What about the 10 style guides, the 15 Apps and the 20 must do’s to save the roof from crashing down, make you the the MAN of the year and take you, from the couch that calls for repair, to your own personal jet.

Everyone seems to know what exactly needs to be done in our life, how to fix it and in exactly how much time.
Everyone except US!

My first job had me working as an assistant to a brilliant Executive Producer who was also obsessed with lists. As a team we would gather around her every day as she would make a checklist of things that needed to be covered. She would diligently assign names next to those to do’s and we were sure to be hauled up, if things didn’t move as required.

I carry that training with me wherever I go. Each day at work would begin with my lists – professional and personal. But now that I have been home for a year and a half, a large part of my lists seemed to revolve around getting things done for the home and my family.

Lunch packs, drop the child, pick the child, music class, dance class, football class, tuitions, doctors appointments, birthday parties, social events, school events, homework/classwork, PTMs, teachers appointments, shopping – and thats just the kids department.

Then there is home and husband, the never-ending help issues and if all thats done, there are the parents, the in-laws, the siblings, the cousins…

And looking at my life and the many stay-at home moms, I have had the privilege of interacting with this past year, I realise how easy it is to get lost in this space of just giving and doing.
Somewhere, our lists no longer involve ourselves.
And to top that, the never-ending pressure to be perfect – eat right, cook the perfect meal, look hot, work out, find passion, work on life goals!

So here’s my magic list for all the moms out there feeling overwhelmed by the perfect list to change our lives today:

  1. Let’s together accept OUR LIFE IS OUR MESS.
  2. No one can even begin to imagine the kind of mess we deal with everyday, so IGNORE the voices. 
  3. It’s our mess to sort. Thank you very much! 
  4. We’ll get to it, WHEN we get to it, IF we get to it. 
  5. And for anyone who wants to be counting steps, they are welcome to our homes to count numbers instead – Have you ever seen a child function without the countdown looming over their heads!
  6. Have fun, own your mess and be awesome!

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