The Side Note

It is easy to keep doing. 
To fall into the cycle of events. 
Wake up in the morning, do the things we have been doing, because that’s what we do. 
Day after day, to head to the same space, pick the things that we left the night before and to go at it for another day. 

It is easy, because they have now become habit. 
That has become our safe space. 
Every now and then we feel the monotony set in.
Unexpectedly something breaks the rhythm and a new challenge comes our way. For a bit, we try something different and we think life isn’t dull and we are in a happier space. 
But slowly we keep going back to doing. 

Like the teacher who keeps heading back into class to take the lesson she has planned for the day; the doctor who is back on rounds every morning and evening.
The anchor who goes back into the newsroom everyday; The tailor who is back at sewing; The sales head who opens his excel to throw in numbers every morning.
Like the mother who sits with her child to complete his homework every day.
We are slaves of habit and our need to do. 

But, every now and then it is important to PAUSE. 
Not just slow dow, Stop!
And ask yourself. 
Why am I doing what I am doing?
Do I have a purpose? Is there a greater plan?
What do I intend to change? How do I direct my actions to larger goals?
Do I have a greater goal?

Pen them down!

Don’t get me wrong…I am not asking us to stop our daily lives and get on to the bandwagon of change the world, save someone etc. 
I am talking about how I can make a difference in what I do today?

Can I, as I take the lesson plan, also teach a lesson in empathy? In the School Play on Charlie and The chocolate Factory as I am tempted to chose the “plump child” for the role of a blown up blueberry, could I instead watch my actions and give her something else that would make her feel less awkward?
Could I watch my little actions and ensure that I am creating a space of less judgement and more acceptance?

I forget often. I keep doing things without asking myself what I intend to achieve.
I keep falling in the rut of helping my son complete his work. I forget what I intend for him to learn from life and school. 
I forgot as I moved from school to college and from college to work, to slow down and pause. 

So today as you head to work, to your safe space, ask yourself, what do I intend for myself? What is my Purpose?
As you list your to do’s, add a side note about the larger picture. 
Let it drive you.
And as the day goes by, I hope you are just a little closer to where you are heading. 

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