Lessons in Gratitude and Happiness

My son loves salami and sausages. 
Yesterday, there was salami for breakfast. No sausages. 
Today there were sausages. 
And a boiled egg. 
There was even ‘Poori‘ which with nutella he absolutely loves.  

You would have expected a Yaay!
but he walks to the table and chooses to whine, “Why no salami?!”

He DID NOT see what he had. 

Lessons in Gratitude and Happiness

The ability to not be happy with what we have. 
To not appreciate, or find pleasure in the gifts and provisions of life. 
To not feel gratitude for the abundance in our home. 
To ignore what we have, in the pursuit of what’s missing. 
To not see the effort but to take things and people for granted. 

If these values are taught, then I need to work on teaching them. 
If it is something we learn by seeing, then I need to work on my attitude. 
If it is a lifetime of training, then we start today: 

To smile more, and criticise less. 

To thank more and whine less. 
To appreciate more, and complain less

If its a skill, we will get at it, till it becomes a part of us. 

Life will always be short of something. 
People, grades, dates, gadgets, clothes, cash or attitude. 
We will always lack something. 
And someone will always have THAT and a little more. 

But by then, he would have learnt that his blessings are far more than some burdens. 
That his glass is always half full. 
And he will find happiness through a grateful heart. 

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