Realistic Expectations and Real Interactions

My home feels different.
My son has been giving exams for ten days now.
But unlike what you expect he has spent most of his hours in the park, playing football and cricket.
He has slept in whenever he was feeling under the weather.
And in the spare time he has, he read. He has even begum to read ‘The chronicles of Narnia” which my brother gifted him two-three years ago.

What has changed?

We have eased off on the television watching and school hours have become shorter.
This has added number of hours to the day that allows for pointless doodlings and mindless wanderings.
So more conversations, added interactions, play and sun.

Also, this time, there has been no pressure from our part. Exam time meant an hour of reading or revision and no more. There has been no fun taken off from the day. No pointless yelling or shouting. Try to finish. Try to focus. Try to pay attention.
No volcanoes waiting to erupt. No massive consequences for inability.

So these exams our home has been mostly screen free and stress-free.
Not just for him, us too.

I personally have brought down the expectation bar. For myself and others.
I am happy if my help has made us food.
I am satisfied if I managed a thing or two off my list.
I am okay if my husband could not reach me constantly while I was traveling and he was the parent-incharge.
I have not craved for perfection.
I am alright with the not so perfect combination that my little one is dressed in.

Small things that have made our lives better.

Here’s my recommendation for you too – realistic expectations and real interactions.

Screen Free and Stress Free Lives for added happiness

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