Saving Mankind – One list at a Time

My husband is my critic & advisor. And he often tells me that in everything I write, I must somehow contribute to the lives that I am connected to, through my words. 

So today I dedicate my post to all my friends and their partners. Partners like him, who are awesome, but constantly need to be told, informed, asked and requested about what needs to be done at home and how they can ‘help’. 

Don’t get me wrong – he has no issues with contributing. He simply doesn’t know what needs to be done. 

Clarification 1 – If you live in that house, and if you do anything to contribute to the general well-being of the members of that home, especially your wife, you are NOT helping them –Just yourself!

Clarification 2 – I do not mean to play the gender card. Just because, more women are seemingly upset, doesn’t mean that this post is not applicable to your roomies, partners and spouses of any gender. Mine just happens to be a man!

So what needs to be done. In broad terms, if you have floors – they need to be cleaned; if you have stuff – it needs to be organised; if you have a bed – it needs to be made and if you have clothes – they need to be washed and ironed. 

But under that there are a hundred little details that needs to be seen to. Like if there is a sandwich to be made for my son’s lunchbox, it needs bread, butter, cheese, mayo, cucumber and tomato and it involves that I ensure the evening before that all these things are available. I also need to wake up by 6.30 after successfully pushing the baby off my breast and finish making that among the rest before 7 so I can pull the older one off the bed and into the bathroom. If I am not breathing down his neck, my 9yo is sure to be found sitting and snoozing on the pot or dreaming about the numerous things that toggle his brain. 

Why it is important to spell it out…because this stuff takes mental space.
And if it is stored in only one brain, that brain will explode, more frequently than you want them to. And that simply will upset you and me and have not so great consequences for our children. 

Ask those questions, plan your lives, and contribute. I will continue to work on this list to improve our lives and with time and a little bit of effort, I assure you that your partners too will be able manage your 1600 sq. feet home with the same efficiency and clarity that they manage over ten states at work!

Did you smile and greet kids/humans/pets at home
Did you check how the humans are doing?
Did you call them and simply ‘connect’ with them?
Did you hug them enough and tell them you love them today?
Did you kiss them goodnight?
Are there any droppings lying around that can go into the wash basket?
Is there a round of clothes that needs to go into the washing machine?
Anything to be dry-cleaned?
Do the kids have their uniforms for the morning?
Are there clothes that can go into cupboards?
Do the curtains need to be changed?
Groceries & suchlike 
Did you check the freezer if it needs to be restocked?
Is there stuff that needs to be ordered?
Do we have enough garbage bags? 
Pampers/wipes/monthly subscriptions that need to be renewed
What is the menu for the next day?
Do we have everything we need to make menu?
Is a meal being made – Can you help?
Have the kids had their meals?
Has everyone eaten?
Kids & Lessons
How are they doing – general & emotional wellbeing?
Did they do their HW?
What is the state of their notebooks?
Did they put in their stuff into the bags at night?
Are there any lessons that need to be practiced?
Do they have the required stationery?
Are there test/exams that need any help with?
Are there books to be organised?
Do they need to be signed up for anything new?
Any school meetings that need to dealt with or called for?
Is anyone due for any checkups – eye, tooth, ear etc
Do the humans need their shots?
Any medicines that need to be ordered?
Did the kids get their daily meds?
Did the kids shower today? (Did the geyser get turned off?)
Does a diaper need changing?
Are the football shoes cleaned out?
Sick days
Is there a hospital trip required?
Is there a bag that needs to be readied
An appointment that needs to be made
Is the primary caretaker getting any rest?
Are the bills paid for monthly utilities?
Is there anything to be repaired or fixed?
Are the salaries paid – driver, maid, staff etc
Are the taxes done?
Has the rent gone/come?
Any financial commitments that needs to be discussed or sorted
Any unexpected issues that needs your advise?
Social Commitments
Any birthdays or social commitments this week/month?
Are there gifts that need to be sent/bought?
Are we going out anywhere this week?
Does the help need to sleep over if we do?
Annual Vacations
Are the holidays planned?
Do tickets & hotels need to be booked?
Special Days
Any birthday/anniversary/baptism/special event that needs to be planned?
Guest lists, Meal plans, Gifts, 

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