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We, my spouse and I, were talking about investments and how one’s personality must reflect on how manage our finances.

Imagine you are the kind that worry a lot and then you invest in stocks, the next day you drop ten rupees and the day after five hundred. Every fluctuation will have you in a panic, your gut tight, your stress heightened. Should you be choosing the stock market or look at stress free choices like fixed deposits and mutual funds? However, if you know that the risk excites you, motivates you and you have the option to make flighty decisions. Wont you use your money differently.

If we are to do things well…if we are to enjoy the process and the journey…if we are to find success…we must reflect on who we are, what we want from life and what would bring us joy.

It’s not about the cool thing to do, it’s not about expectations, it’s not about our friends or role models – it’s about me, my context, my choices, my needs and above all what I can work best with : in money, in our jobs, and above all our relationship choices or parenting styles.

My nephew is particular about his assignments. He does not like disappointing people. His work must be neat, his grades must be good. My niece is driven by people. She likes to take up roles, responsibilities, assist the teacher, manage relationships. My son has fleeting interests, even when he does work on his assignment, he is distracted by the multitude of questions he has. A math question about dogs leads to research because how much does the average Rottweiler actually weigh? His curiosity is insatiable as is his love for books.

Same age, similar families, yet completely different individuals. Will their motivations be the same. While one needs the grades to push him forward, the other will only break under rigour and discipline. While one needs friendships to bring joy, the other is happy in solitude.

Put yourself in their shoes.




Now look at your life and your choices – do they match? What could you do, big or small to match up your motivations?

Me – I decided I need more time to engage in projects and hired a cook. Not having an address proof bothered me, and so I jumped multiple loops to get myself one. I rejected a job that everyone including myself believed I would take. I decided I would not be the primary caregiver to my children – we would be equal partners. I said YES and NO to myself confidently because I knew I would like my life and how I was living it only if I did.

And I invested in high risk Mutual Funds 🙂

What will you change?

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