Understanding Special Needs #2

What is it like to raise a child with #specialneeds

It’s been over an hour since we started working on these 9 sums. They are division questions, and on some days, he can tell you the calculations off his head. Not today.
French took another hour.

Mother and child doing their

Kids with ADHD need a lot of movement..they are hyper. They are inattentive” – that’s what you are often told. You can almost imagine a bouncy child flurrying through the room.

Honestly, Not every child with ADHD looks like that.#adhd is complex. So so complex and so different for every child.

Everything you and I struggle with…

  • time management,
  • deadlines,
  • managing documents,
  • whatever else you can think of –

ADHD makes it ten times worse.

Why, because ADHD makes #executivefunctioning impossible. The one that tells you to structure your day, organize your material, prepare for change, and do something you don’t like.
ADHD screws with that ability.

Which means the bath needs 20 reminders, including specific instructions like did you get your clothes? did you take your towel? shampoo your hair!
Also, the reason why when we need to finish an assignment, you need to tell them – get your laptop, get your notebook…where’s your pen – Oh, I forgot – and then the book is at the table which you went to get the pen from 🙂

Every single day, every single time, and IT’s NOT THEIR FAULT.

Also, not every child with ADHD is throwing massive tantrums, but #meltdowns are far more likely in a world where you are constantly struggling to keep up and constantly being misunderstood.

They need patience, and God knows we don’t all come with it in abundance.
As a #parent – I KNOW HOW HARD IT is to reel it in.
To stop myself from saying, How difficult is it to get this shit or How many more times do I need to say the same thing?!

I know the answer – at least a hundred thousand more times 🙂

YET, every single day, I fail and use those darned words.

Even when I know If he could, he would! He just would.

I just wanted to tell you too…

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