Block by Block

Life is like Jenga. One wrong move and unexpectedly, it’s completely scattered on the floor. The building you so carefully put together, lies in pieces inRead More

Because I Worry

This morning I was introduced to the Incels. Ever heard of them before? I unfortunately hadn’t and I was intrigued. I continued to watch the video andRead More

Fighting Fear

Yehoshua was due for his shots. My memory of him was that of a baby who waltzed through the appointment without much of a hueRead More

Labels and Tags

First thing first. Labels and tags are perfect for books and things. They catch your eye, get you curious, help you click on a link, open aRead More

The Kid on The Bench!

My son came home with two numbers written in his notebook. “There is a South City Super League happening. Could you please find out more?”Read More