Learnings from Loss

The past three days, I took a pause from my life.  Instead I mourned the death of a friend and said my final goodbyes toRead More

Turn it Over

It is easy TO GET ATTACHED.To an idea, a thought, a piece of work; After all they have a bit of us,              they areRead More

The Blank Sheet

A blank sheet says much. A blank sheet says nothing. What it must say is what you want it to say. What it says may not actually beRead More

Lessons in Gratitude and Happiness

My son loves salami and sausages. Yesterday, there was salami for breakfast. No sausages. Today there were sausages. And a boiled egg. There was even ‘Poori‘ which with nutellaRead More

Mirror Image

It’s the last exam and we have no intention to get it over with. I have given him, my nine year old, time to finish goingRead More


My son is fairly clear about what he wants. Fairly aware of himself. If at a restaurant, he will read through the menu, not aRead More


It was Sunday morning and I decided to join my boy at his football class — just watch him play & interact with others. AsRead More