Turn it Over

It is easy 
To an idea, 
a thought, 
a piece of work; 
After all they have a bit of us, 
             they are created from our soul and experiences. 

All that we create, holds a bit of us

Having to change the lens, the viewpoint, the stand, 
            these aren’t easy.
They don’t come without disappointment. 
            Some heartbreak too. 
But be willing to do it.

To scratch at it. To peel it off. 
To restructure, to rework, to rethink and redo.
Sometimes a new perspective is what life needs.
Sometimes all we need is a 
                                           ‘COMMAND DELETE’. 

Whatever you are working on – 
the presentation for work,
the idea for the next big story. 
The pitch you created over the past few months. 
The cake design, the sketch that took hours to make. 
The job you have been in for ten odd years. 

Whatever is holding you back –
the city you love, the friends next door.

It may be time to step back. 
To allow for change
            maybe FOREVER.

Allow for Change. Start Over if You Must. 

Be prepared to let go. 
                    To begin again.
Be ready to make a new scratch on the page.
     okay to junk the last draft.
Find a new word to start with,
        a new home to unpack into. 
Figure a new city,
                      jump into a new method to work with…
The old will find its way back,  
       things that matter will find a way to creep back in.

But how would you know till you allow it to happen, 
                                          till you accept the change, 
                                          till you turn the page 

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