I feel easily.

I feel deeply.

I am led by my emotions as much as by the dictates of what is right and wrong.  These lessons were taught early, and so well, they are hard to erase or forget. They make me terribly vulnerable as a human being and as a parent. 

I don’t just see things that are not right, I don’t just see injustice and unfairness, I don’t hear lies or deceit. I feel them deeply.    For years I have for tried to don a layer of cold and numbing veil…but in vain.  Things affect me. And when they do, sometimes my rage helps me move forward, harder and faster. Sometimes I merely sink into unknown depths of despair, unwilling to reach out or step forward.

As I accept the darkness around me, within me, the battle is like one on quicksand. The more I pretend on the outside, the deeper I sink within.   

Are you fighting your demons too?

Are you overwhelmed by the stuff you are feeling?

Are you alone in your convictions?

Or are you weary of the questions lying ahead?

Does it seem pointless?

Does it seem worthless?

Is life and the people in it letting you down?    

Maybe it helps to know you are not alone.  You and I may not win the fight, but maybe we will weave some words and feel a little stronger. Push ourselves out of the door and feel okay enough to go a little longer, a little further. Maybe strike a chord and feel like music still exists in the dark world we are in.   




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