Mama Not Know Everything!

We were on a flight to Singapore when my 2YO decided to say ‘Gecko, gecko!’ 
My hatred for the species plus a new word got me thinking? Is that a sound or does he really mean a gecko! And how does he know Gecko?
Put Gecko now!” he demanded except I had no clue what he was talking about. 
I for one was not going to put any creepy lizards on my screen!

The mystery was solved by my older one. He showed us the screen and told me here – GEKKO! Gecko was actually GEKKO, from a show called PJ Maskswho had a super lizard grip and could climb and camouflage to save the day. 

Another day on our travels, once again my little one screamed out of nowhere. “Marshall!” 
I only knew my childhood pet by that name, but how would he know that. Guess what, the dog in Paw Patrol is Marshall. My sister told me! 

I had not a clue. About these characters, or that my kid knew them, recognised them or could even say those words.

I know my two year old knows Iron man and can show you his moves too. He does Hulk Smash quite believably. I know he calls Captain AmericaCaptain Nanana, Spiderman is Spion/Fion. Yehoshua is Tofua and in his weird and clear words he tells me a lot and I understand most.

Yet, there’s so much I really dont know, won’t know – with both my kids.

Our kids will always know things we don’t, engage with ideas that we have not come across or experience emotions we don’t understand. Even though they spend so much time with us; even as we share so much of our lives, our kids will experience the world differently, engage with people and experiences unlike us and we will not always be the ‘know it all’. 

There will be so many times the we won’t always have all the answers to their lives and questions. 

And that is FINE. It is for them to seek and answer those. 

It is a nice feeling to see your infants evolve into their own little people selves, with their owns likes and dislikes. See them pick specific titbits in the mixed pack of nuts or toys, pick Spion over Iron Man unlike you, choose eggs in a particular form, show kindness to a friend…and so many many little things they and ONLY THEY DO! 

And parenting is knowing that as they evolve and grow, as their world view becomes larger than ours, they will still come to us for the love and warmth, the cuddles and kisses and the ‘home’ that we are. 

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