Happy Tenth – My child, My Daughter, My Twin

Dearest Abigail,  

When I am with you I wonder if I could ever be a mother to a girl.  You hurt so easily, rather I offend you so easily, two strong-willed people, one a girl, one a woman; I wonder if I could say the right words, help you with your emotions and understand your thoughts.   

Often I fail to understand, often I react like I would with Yehoshua or Kevin. I forget that though all three of you grew up the same, you have turned out so different.

Now at ten, it is so obvious how you are already independent people, with strong voices and even stronger emotions. 

And no matter how much we fight and how our egos seem to clash,  I want you to know that YOU ARE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU.   

No, Not a little thinner,         
    Not a little taller,        
    Not a little quieter.  
You are just perfect as you.    
So be YOU my love, ALWAYS. 

Cry at the drop of a hat if you may, 
Kick as hard as you can when you feel injustice, 
And care as deep as you can for the little ones around you. 
Because that’s you.

Your grades, 
your swiggly handwriting, 
the cuts and scratches on your notebook
That so irritates your folks,
Your crazy, wavy hair, 
that never follows instructions and drives your grandpa nuts, 
When you are all grown up, those will be reminders of you, 
So let them be. 

And when the world disappoints you, including me, 
When everyone refuses to understand, including your brothers
Know that YOU will be enough, to carry your hurt and happiness. 
And in you, my child, 
carry kindness, and truth, 
Respect and love, 
the will to change yourself and the world when necessary.

Happy Tenth, My child, My Daughter, My Twin   

Love you always,  Tinami

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