A Reminder of Life

Today is my husband’s birthday. We are all generally an excited bunch about these days. This year, however, was different. The gift unlike before was not aRead More

The Blank Sheet

A blank sheet says much. A blank sheet says nothing. What it must say is what you want it to say. What it says may not actually beRead More

Lessons in Gratitude and Happiness

My son loves salami and sausages. Yesterday, there was salami for breakfast. No sausages. Today there were sausages. And a boiled egg. There was even ‘Poori‘ which with nutellaRead More

Maa Aschen

Reds and yellows are filling up the doorways. Nothing is being left behind – the walls, the passages and the streets. You can feel it in theRead More

Mirror Image

It’s the last exam and we have no intention to get it over with. I have given him, my nine year old, time to finish goingRead More

Turf Wars at Home

When my brother got married, things hardly changed in our house.Mom used to buy things in two for her girls. Now she bought three of everything.EarlierRead More