Unity in Diversity Is a Myth ~ Thoughts of a Ten Year Old

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My name is Yehoshua.

You may already know that since I am pretty “infamous” but forget that for a while.  Do try and be tolerant to my thoughts this morning(/afternoon).   

You and I, both know that we are divided by our political leaders and their understanding of race, colour, religion, caste, creed, gender, etc etc. We are also divided by the religious heads as well as the elders of each community.

You must have already learnt in Social Studies that political parties buy the ballot so that they can stand as ruling party again. 

And often the voices of a lot of people are left unheard. The true voice of the society is often not captured.   

We must confess that bias lies not only in our leaders but in our own minds, hearts and prejudice. We are full of greed, jealousy, anger and intolerance ourselves.   

Every person has individual ideas and thoughts. We are all different. Each member of my family, even the twins in my home stand apart. Each with their own thoughts, ideas, expression and individuality.

If we focus on those differences we are diverse, but yet if we accept the individuality, the perspectives, the voices and the opinions, we are one.    And we are only better for it. 

 So India with its 28 states, 9 Union Territories, 22 languages,720 dialects and over 9 religions can and will always be a grand synthesis of diverse social and cultural elements.

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