The Blank Sheet

A blank sheet says much. 
A blank sheet says nothing. 
What it must say is what you want it to say. 
What it says may not actually be said at all. 

A Blank Sheet says much; A Blank Sheet says nothing

So is what it says that is important,
or is it what must be understood that is crucial. 
Or are both irrelevant, 
because what is said and what is understood are nothing beyond inferences
The meanings changing to contexts and life. 

What you infer is what the word means to you, 
What life has taught them to mean to you…
and what I understand is what life explained to me, 
Which one is right, which story must be said. 

Say pain.
Could it be the nagging headache that doesn’t leave you,
or the pain of a broken heart that the young one bears
or is it probably the unending ache of loss or death
Which pain is pain? Which more burdensome, more palpable? 

A blank sheet —is it blank?
or does it hold much:
the weight of the unsaid, unspoken words;
the burden of possibility of what it could become. 
Is it just about a blank sheet, 
or could the same be said 
of the day
of life 
of us. 

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