Dear Mothers Who Seem To Have It All

Dear Mothers who seem to have it all

Let me start with a big congratulations. We understand that it hasn’t come easy. 
The child that gets to school everyday, in time, neatly dressed, gets all their work done and makes all their submissions, beautifully handwritten, we know it is all YOU. 
We know how difficult it must have been to get that training right and you have done it. You do it everyday tirelessly, effortlessly. 
Please know that we are in awe of you. 

And I just need to let you know that we try too.
We really do.  
We ask the questions. We reach out. 
We have heart rending conversations, we nag, we yell, we try to do what we can. 
Even as we fail to keep track or get work done, we try. 
Even as the submissions seem forgotten, or even in the messy notebooks that you see blotched with ink, with numerous cuts and corrections, we are in the background. 

And we know that we are not upto the mark – in method or in results. 
We, however, believe we can get there. 
In some time. Maybe in a year, maybe longer. We will get there too. 
But not without your help. 
So look at us with the eyes of a mother who accepts despite flaws. 
Look at us without judgment, without dismissing us. 
It takes a village to raise a child and you are our village. 
We need your kindness.
So help us. Reach out to us. 
Do we knead a little more. Or is it salt that is lacking. 
We don’t know and hence we ask. Maybe we don’t even know where to start. Or what questions must be asked. Guide us.
Respond to us so we too can be like you. 
We too can get the recipe right. 

A Mother who wants to get it right

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