My Turn

We moved from Nigeria to Gurgaon when I was in first grade and to Bahadurgarh in less than a year. There were no large conversationsRead More


My younger one is in discovery mode. If I pick a cup of tea, he wants to put a spoon in and stir, possibly dropRead More

Mamma Mia!

Father and baby watching TV

My hubby met, rather reconnected with me, while I was in the midst of chaos of divorce proceedings. Needless to say he has seen meRead More

9 for 9

My older son told me on Friday afternoon, “I better have all the fun possible before my birthday. Tomorrow everyone is going to tell meRead More

How to train your dragon…

Do not be fooled!   Children are like dragons — defiant monsters impossible to control, spitting fire, rolling their eyes gobbling unspoken threats.    Fine,Read More


There are these moments, like this one, where I wish I could melt away, cease to exist or just disappear. And for years I haveRead More

Birth of a Parent

We were watching Apocalypto, my brother, sister and I and it was just before the kids came along. The scene had a pregnant mother andRead More