Getting Baby Ready

I am not a first time parent.
Between my siblings and I, we have 7 brats.
But we still won’t learn!

In the past 16 months, I have managed to get a rocker, a high chair, a crib, a cot, a pram for ease of travel and a more sturdy stroller. And as I walked into the bathroom, I was reminded of the baby bath chair, alongside the tub.

Thats just for one kid!!!

And guess what…

The rocker holds washed clothes.
The travel pram sits folded outside.
The crib is filled with my current maid’s belongings.
The High chair has become a stand for my phone and wifi router.
I dont remember the last time we used the baby bath chair, since my kid enjoys his tub splashes better.

And if you have a husband who loves research, you have managed to spend not just money, but loads of time on cost and comfort analysis. Then there is the effort of purchase but what hits me the most —SPACE!

And if you thought, I was alone, get on to OLX and the tons of other mommy pages on Facebook and you will find the world selling less than six month old stuff they enthusiastically purchased but the baby refuses to use.

So the next time you plan to get that 15 setting, 12 sound level baby special, hopefully thinking of me will help you reconsider. If it doesn’t, you could always ask for a recommendation.

Oh and a warm welcome to the World of Parent Hoarders 😆

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