My son is fairly clear about what he wants. Fairly aware of himself. If at a restaurant, he will read through the menu, not a word missed, with the interest of mystery book. Once he is done, he will tell us exactly what he wants and how he wants it. 
It takes patience to let him make his choice…like at the ice-cream cart. Hmm…This one is slightly more difficult with different options calling out to him. But he will read through, make his clarifications. The vendor usually begins to get restless, and so do I. But he will not be moved. He will take his time and make his choice. He is precise and sure. 

It is like that with most things for him. He walked into class the other day and he had to finish up some incomplete work from school. His tutor asked to do it in his rough notebook before he put the words on to the school copy. “No, I can’t do that…It is a lot of work and my hands will get tired.” The decision was made. He sat without writing a word through the hour long class. He came home and told me I am ready to do my work now, but I will write the answers directly in my science copy. 
At these times, it takes more than patience.

Not everyone is like him. Most people I know struggle to make choices, take decisions. Be it choosing what to eat, the kind of school to pick, the instrument we’d like to learn, the people we date, the career choice we make. 

It seems like we are constantly having to pick options and these decisions can be difficult. Choices are hard to sift through. Options can also pull you in different directions. 
Science, commerce, Arts? College or take a break? The nanny you hire? The colleague you must fire…the strategy waiting to be picked. 

How do you decide? There are no text book rules, but if you can, start with the following:

~ Be aware of yourself. (Do you not like rice, at least that half of the menu is thrown out…)
~ Know your intention or try to look at the larger picture.
~ Reach out to people— mentors, family, friends with similar life experiences.
~ Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It will surprise how often people are excited to teach others.
~ Weigh your options. Good old list making of pros and cons helps at times. 
~ Don’t shy away from learning something new. New can be challenging, but how are you are going to find out, till you try? 
Trust your gut. Your body reacts to certain situations. Watch out, be aware. 
Take a leap. 

Crossroads are hard, but important. They give us unexpected directions and outcomes. They take us to places we didn’t expect to journey, introduce us to people we never would have met, provide us with experiences that shape us. 

Be aware that the world doesn’t literally end with one bad decision. Make some wrong choices. Take a bad decision. Take your time, but act, if you need to. Sometimes life is a better teacher than any, and some lessons must be learnt the hard way. 

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