Objectivity has no Gender

This just came to my news feed – Breaking: Devotion Cannot Be Subjected To Gender Discrimination, SC Allows Women Entry In Sabarimala By 4:1 Majority; Lone Woman In The Bench Dissents…

A WhatsApp message as well, “...To me personally this is shocking that a case which violates the Rights of liberty / equality of a women was not seen like that a lady judge in the apex court.”

Do you see what I see…
That those lines stink of patriarchy. 

Once again we move away from the discussion and focus on the gender.  
Once again a woman is expected to follow norm. 
To have a ‘certain’ viewpoint. 
To agree with a certain discussion simply because SHE IS A WOMAN!

Why do we constantly feel the need to dictate how a woman should act, think or respond?

I simply can not stand the idea that a woman is not allowed to take an objective view at a matter and state her disagreement without being judged for who she is. In this case, Justice Indu Malhotra is a woman who feels that religion is beyond the framework of the court. She says and I quote “Notions of rationality should not be seen in matters of religion”. 

It is HER RIGHT to dissent
And it is our job to not bring her gender into question when she exercises her right to agree or disagree. 

Image taken from Live Law website 

I am not questioning the judgement of any of the judges here or sounding my views on the judgement. I am glad that the Supreme Court is doing what we as a people constantly fail to see and do. 

We are trained to think that women work against women. That women do not encourage or support each other, that women cannot be friends, that we are constantly involved in some political power play to bring the other down. Television series, comments about saas-bahu dramas, office politics, we grow up on these notions that women are like a crabs in a bucket, pulling each other down. 

This must stop. 
Some women are difficult. Some men are jerks. Some people are mean. And the other way too!
Each one of us is influenced by the way we were raised. We are after all the sum total of our experiences, gender included. 

We, however, need to stop attributing genders to viewpoints, to attitudes, to thoughts.
Listen to the words. 
See the actions. 
Understand the statement. 
Stop defining it by the the saree, the dress or the skirt. 

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