Objectivity has no Gender

This just came to my news feed – Breaking: Devotion Cannot Be Subjected To Gender Discrimination, SC Allows Women Entry In Sabarimala By 4:1 Majority; LoneRead More


I used to be afraid of having a baby. As a child, I had heard of my mom losing her mother at the time of deliveryRead More

Step back, Mamma

When we were in school, we had to finish our work in class. If we were slow, teachers would pull us forward, and we’d eitherRead More

Guilt-free Play

Having stayed away from my boys for three days, I wanted to surprise them. Hamley’s personnel recommended a duck that quacked, a chicken that lay eggs and an AlienRead More

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Today is Ganesh Chaturthi.  My inbox is flooded with images of Ganesha Ji.  And just like every other celebration this year, that’s all it hasRead More