My son is fairly clear about what he wants. Fairly aware of himself. If at a restaurant, he will read through the menu, not aRead More


It was Sunday morning and I decided to join my boy at his football class — just watch him play & interact with others. AsRead More

The Bird That Came home

Somethings cannot be explained.  Some occurrences they seem to have a purpose, just no reason.  Like the bird that came home for a day, inRead More

My Turn

We moved from Nigeria to Gurgaon when I was in first grade and to Bahadurgarh in less than a year. There were no large conversationsRead More

My Tryst with Triage

On 16th August, I desperately posted a plea on Facebook asking for rescue teams to help my granduncle and aunt. We had made calls, messages, reachedRead More

Faith It is hard to believe that night has come.All day we waited for news that my Granduncle and aunt were safe.That choppers had reachedRead More

The Toothpaste Lesson

V, our facilities manager, was the Man Friday at my workplace — you needed a home to rent, a tenant for your place, something broken down toRead More

Block by Block

Life is like Jenga. One wrong move and unexpectedly, it’s completely scattered on the floor. The building you so carefully put together, lies in pieces inRead More