9 for 9

My older son told me on Friday afternoon, “I better have all the fun possible before my birthday. Tomorrow everyone is going to tell meRead More

The Report Card

We sat today in a classroomon tiny chairs meant for little peopleWalls filled with messagesMeant for them to readevery now and thenpossibly ideas to seed.Read More

Labels and Tags

First thing first. Labels and tags are perfect for books and things. They catch your eye, get you curious, help you click on a link, open aRead More

Someday soon

Someday, you won’t be so little And I won’t be so tired. This tiny hand won’t fit in my palm This little body won’t curlRead More

Getting Baby Ready

I am not a first time parent.Between my siblings and I, we have 7 brats.But we still won’t learn! In the past 16 months, IRead More